Mobile Applications Development

We provide fast, high quality addictive and productive mobile apps development. Be it Android Development, BlackBerry World, IOS/Apple, Windows or whatever mobile operating platforms a client wants, we develop to international standard.

We have over a decade experience, the Talent and technical -know how. And several completed projects under our belt. See the details below [Mobile apps here] covered by the Siscomedia Guarantee or Your Money Back.

AUTO FILL Auofil is a GPRS feature App that allows users to locate filling stations within their environment. users simply highlights his location on the App and it displays in a beautiful format all stations within the immediate locality with pictures, prices of gas and comments about availability of fuel or service quality from other users. See Google Playstore link.

EASYPAY USSD MOBILE APP Easypay USSD mobile App aggregates all the USSD codes of most of the banks in Nigeria and allows you to use it easily. No need racking your brain for USSD code of your bank. Simply download from Playstore/Window Store and use.

MUGABE MEME Robert Mugabe is one of the Most hilarious African leader of our time. Download this Silly App of ours and laugh and learn as you enjoy hilarious memes and quotes from one of African’s accidental comedian. Click here to Download APK fileS or Visit the app stores. (See more projects here = Link to

We are ahead of the curve and continually work to explore new technologies, methods and techniques and develop proprietary solutions. This allows us to always be on top in modern mobile applications development.

We have a process for Developing Mobile Applications in Nigeria. It's a 6 step Process THAT DELIGHTS clients: We’ve fine tuned our process to meet the level of expectations our customers deserve. Our process that ends in smiles.

Potential client fills a questioanre or submits a from detailsing all they want in their app. We analyze clients requirements first and brainstorm before undertaking any task.

  • We plan and delegate task among team members with fixed timelines for delivery.

  • At the stage the main work of development begins. We programme the interfaces, work the APIs, design the graphics and other User interfaces. Depending on the project at hand. An initial design might be developed and sent to client for approval. We work with feedback from client at every stge of the app development process till they are satisfied with the final outcome.

  • We have a quality assurance officer that evaluates the mobile app for quality and gives user experience feedback which is used to improve the app before the next step. If and when neccessary a team of beta testers is hired temporary to test out all the kinks of the app.

  • We deliver to client for review and changes, updates and comments. Feedback is implemented by our team to the satisfaction of the client before project is tagged completed. And any other payments, resources, trainings or tools necessary for the app function or managment is handed over to client...

  • One challenge You'll likely face is Standing Out From the Pack with prospective customers having so many quality options in the appstore to choose from How can your MOBILE App stand out? As a client of ours, we'll not only develop, deliver and abandon you to your fate. We'll help you make your applications stand out by including mobile app performance monitoring as an additional free service after your project has been designed and deployed. We'll help or show you how to read monthly download reports, usage statistics, potential issues that all mobile apps face and the proactive solutions that are made possible. Marketing ideas and examples will also be sent to you. We have a dedicated development Team. For more than 10 years, employees have handled hundreds of clients and lots of projects – no one is better and more experienced than we are. Our company is set up to succeed, which means you are set up to exceed.

    Our Mobile App development process is simple, straight forward and quite professional. Once you order for our App development service right now. Click here to request a quote.(link to

    PLS. We also offer Mobile App development training workshops within Lagos and order locations in Nigeria. Contact us for more details

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