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Steps by step on how to place an order

First type your domain name in the box provided on the homepage. Homepage domain name search box It will take you to the shopping cart. Then follow the steps below (You can ignore this part and go straight to the shopping cart here)

Once you are at the shopping cart follow these steps.

Step 1: Choose your product    Step 1A image

You choose the product you want to order from the  drop down, e.g (Linux webhosting, CMS hosting, etc). For this example we want to order for hosting. Now you choose your hosting package, e.g; Bronze, Super account, silver, etc.

After selecting your choice and billing circle, i.e. how long you want to pay for the service, e.g; Annually, biennually, etc. Click on the 'Order Now' button, to move on to the next step. You have to choose a product before you can move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Domain Options  Step 2 Image

Here, you are to choose the domain name that will be suitable for your site, e.g; 2faceidibia.com, .org, .com.ng, etc. The system will show you a list of available domains .

Choose your domain(s) available  and 'Click to Continue' to move to the next step.

Image displaying all available domain names after search in step 2

Here you can also transfer domain name from another registrar to us or update the name servers of an existing domain name you have to ours, so the site will be pointing to our web hosting servers. Once you are done, 'Click to Continue'.

*Some of our hosting packages comes with free domain names.'.

Step 3: Configuration   

If you haven't chosen a hosting account yet. The system will present you with one.   Choosing a product configuration

Choose and then click on 'Add to Cart'. System will Show Domain Configuration. Tick any one of the 3 Domain options you want to enable them on your site/domain. Then Click on 'Update Cart' Column (To find out more about these domain options, check out our blog)

step 3 continued

Step 4: Confirm Order/Order Summary     

 Step 4 will show you all your orders (image)

Here you will see the description and the price of your domains, hosting and any other product inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT), you have ordered so far. If you want more than one package, you can state it here. You can also get discounts here by applying the promotional code (if any).

Fill in the blank space with the promo code you have (if any) and validate the code (system will automatically calculate your discount).

Click on 'Checkout' column below to complete your order os 'Start Over' if you want to correct a mistake or so.

Step 5: Checkout     
Checkout page for new customers

If you are a new customer, fill in your details in the blank spaces provided. Choose a strong password, tell us how you found out about us, and if you would like to use different details for your domain registrant contact  you can click on the drop down and fill the form that appears, Select your preferred payment method, etc.

After filling all required details. Click on the our terms of service to read and check the box besides it to agree. Then click on 'Complete Order' to complete your order and make payment. 

still filling your details on the form
If you are already a customer simply click on the 'click here to log in' link at the top. A new box will appear. Login with your username and password. 

In both cases the system will display the invoice of the products you just purchased and you can go ahead to Make payment. See our other knowledge base articles for payment instructions.

You can Call our Customer care on 09083599301 or Chat with us live via Chat anytime, if you have issues ordering. 


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