About Us

ReliablehostNG.com is owned by Siscomedia Ltd. Siscomedia Ltd is young Tech and Digital marketing solutions company with current office location at Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria. We like to think we are smart. We are incredibly hardworking and are always thinking about the big picture. We are focus mostly on results and like to avoid “noise.” We don’t dress corporate or speak “too much grammar”.

We are Lean, Mean and Fast.

Started in 2005 as a hobby by two brothers -Francis and Charles-, with the name Sisco Communications. Formerly transformed into a business two years later as Siscomedia Solutions and operating from a cubicle like shared office space let to us free by an uncle. We were later to be incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as Siscomedia Limited in 2013.

At Siscomedia Ltd, we believe in the following Values

  • Integrity
  • Continous innovation
  • Purpose
  • Afro-centric
  • Customer Satisfaction

Which we apply in practical terms across all brands, particularly reliableHostng.com. We have a goal of helping over 10,000 Businesses by 2021 with their webhosting and other related needs. Wont you like to be one?

There're about 4 staffs personally responsible for providing support and direction to the ReliableHostNg brand and the numerous siscomedia Customers we have.
Meet the RHNG Staffs Here

Our Unique Selling proposition is; providing more value and great results with fantastic fail proof guaranteees.

We pride ourselves in providing reliable and secure hosting products and services like domain name registration, webhosting, cloud hosting, security certificate, etc. Our Web infrastruture and Support are fantastic. But we are more than just a hosting company. In keeping with our USP, we also offer other value added products and services, including Programming training, Internet Of Things Solutions, Animation club (MyTechClub) and digital marketing solutions too.

With most of these you get great results. If you choose to do business with us, be rest assured that we'll give you failproof guarantees like 30days money back guarantee and others. We can't wait to serve you. Click here to order for products now or send us an email here

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