ReliablehostNg Affiliate programme

Join our Affiliate programme get N500 Instantly when you sign up and
25% per sale you make.

Our Affiliate programme affords you the opportunity of making money when you refer customers to us.


  • Earn 25% commission on every sale you direct to us.
  • Earn super bonuses when you become the top performing affiliate of the month during Contests
  • Receive your earnings every 45 days
  • Cookie based tracking that lasts for 180 days on clients system.
  • Join Our Quaterly and bi-monthly contests and win prizes even if you dont make any sales.
  • Get Affiliate tools,newsletters, coupons to distribute and tips to help you succeed.
  • ReliablehostNg will provide you with further links, banners, text ads and more to help you with promotion.


When you sign up for our affiliate programme we’ll give you a special link that you can share through an Ad, facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you want to share it. You’ll earn income for every customer that buys our product. We use computer codes called cookies to track your sales.

For every customer that visits our site through the link we give you, a cookie code is set for 180 days. Once the customer pays for any of our product within that period the sale is accredited to you and you get the commission, paid to you every 45days.

You’ll get an affiliate dashboard, where you can track your referrals and sales, get banners and tips you can use to promote your affiliate link. When your commission earning reach N3000 or more, it will be sent to your Bank account. Simply request for a withdrawal from your dashboard to get it

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Consistent Pay outs

N124,500 and counting paid out so far to Affiliates.


Hosting You can Trust

Why not recommend a host you can trust and let you and your friends enjoy a host of other great products and services

1st Class Help and Support

We provide you with tools and a dedicated Affiliate manager

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Earn N500 Instantly.

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Once you sign up. You'll get an email with instructions on How to activate your affiliate account and the affiliate tools you can use to start promoting immediately. You can also go to "Affiliates" link under your name to activate your account once you have registered. Sign up today to start earning. See Frequently Asked Question below or Drop an email to us


  • 1. How do I register for your Affiliate programme?

    Simply click on this link to register with your name, email, phone number and other details. You'll get 500 sign up bonus upon registering and activating your affiliate account and 25% on hosting and select products/services.
  • 2. I registered but I never got my N500 sign up bonus, Why?

    You haven't activated your affiliate account yet. Login once more. Go to the link under your name at the right hand side. A drop down will show. Click on 'Affiliates'. Then when the page opens. Click on the green 'activate afilliate account' button. You'll get Your N500 credited to your account and a welcome message advising you on what next to do.
  • 3. How do I get My affiliate link which I need to be promoting the site?

    Simply go to your affiliate dashboard and you will see the link displayed. The link is always unique to you. It always looks something like this
  • 4. How can I know how many people I have referred or people that have signed up or ordered a product?

    Login and go to your affiliate dashboard. To go to your affiliate dashboard, simply click on the link underneath your name by the right hand side and click affiliates. The number of people you have referred and records of what you have earned will be displayed in real time.
  • 5. I've registered as an affiliate on your platform. I'm now able to login and see how the dashboard is. But the challenge there is that I don't know what to do again?

    Once your Affiliate account is activated you'll get two emails. one is a welcome email and the other teaches you step by step what you should do and how to start promoting. Go check your email. Alternatively you can simply click on Support (when you are logged into your affiliate account) and look for the drop down named, "Knowledgebase". On knowledge base you'll find link to Affiliates. This contains all the tools, banners, pictures, links and various other articles you can use to promote your affiliate /unique referal links on your blogs and social media platforms. From time to time we add new tools and articles, so you should come back often to learn new strategies for promoting and making more money. See your email and the Affiliate Monthly Newsletter we send you for details on how to promote your affiliate links.
  • 6. I have N2500 already as my commissions why can't I withdraw it?

    Your commissions must reach N3000 before you can make a request for it. It's a policy we had to enact to keep tirekickers and other scammers away from the programme
  • 7. Why Do I have to wait for 45days before I can withdraw my commissions?

    We have a 30days money back gurantee attached to most of our products. So We allow some grace period for it incase the client you referred isnt satsisfied with the service and request for a refund. If this happens your commissions will be cancelled as a result. We further need a few more days to process amount due and send payments to all eligble affiliates hence the extra 15days. We are working hard to reduce this waiting period to just 31days.
  • 8. Can I Use my commission earnings to purchase domain and hosting products from you?

    Yes you can use your earnings to purchase products from our site. Simply Make a request for it, from your dashboard and it will be added to your wallet/credit balance. You can then use it to order for your choice products.
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